Luiz Carlos Rodrigues Jr.
Our History

" of the most important challenges of my life was related to a hydraulic cylinder: we were beginning, in 2001 in BUSA, a company created by my father and located in Guará. The project of the complete cotton processing factories, and in that year we produced the first two presses for the factory. In these presses we used a huge hydraulic cylinder of 3 tons and, in thefirst month of operation on of these cylinders were damaged. It was the start for a series of difficulties and adversities, that by the market, we would need at least 15 days to function normally. However, there was a big pressure and the client's situation made me lead a war operation, involving several companies, planes and trucks, among others. After 4 days working uninterruptedly, the factory was able to function normally again. It was an exciting history and it will remains in my memory for the rest of my life. And this experience is one of the reasons which I end up building Leniors."

Luiz Carlos Rodrigues Jr.
Our Mission
Our Mission

Our Mission

Luiz Carlos Rodrigues Jr.
Our Values

  • » Be a serious and reliable company;
  • » To value honesty and transparency above all;
  • » To grow with sustainability;
  • » To offer services and products in a fair price and recognized as the best ones in the market;
  • » To render a different kind of customer service, putting our responsibility before our profit;
  • » To encourage the creativity, enriching people who dare;
  • » To seeking the democracy as encouragement to the participation of all in the important decisions of common interest;
  • » To always preserve a pleasant environment to work, with professionalism, respect and without prejudice;
  • » Security and control in our industrial processes to protect our co-workers and the environment;
  • » To recognize our mistakes and copy what is best. If possible, improving it.