HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS with maximum resistance, safety and precision.
High quality hydraulic cylinders
With the purpose to always specify the most suitable precision choice, quality and finishing of the hydraulic cylinders, Lenior developed a continuous development system of the welding process and an international research of sealing ring, focusing in the maximum resistance, safety and performance to the client's application.
With SAP, the entire production and internal communication process will be faster.
Economy, Efficiency and Productivity
Except in some cases, in Leniors each product respects the unique specifications, and the production technology is focused on the perfect service of goals and performances. With the use of SAP system, the entire production and internal communication process becomes faster, stimulating a better management with the maximum efficiency. To promote, in an ongoing way, the a mobilization and involvement of all of the co-workers in an action against waste, always seeking the lowest cost, Leniors implemented the Lean System, in all of the stages of the productive process.
Working to perfectly meet the goals and performance.
Precision adequacy and interaction
Since an efficient process to take the orders to its repercussions in the planning that results from it - engineering, production, stages and deadlines - all that is done in Leniors is done to meet and offer a safe and competent partnership, always trying the best interaction possible and a perfect operational tuning.